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MGM Financial & Banking Consultants offers trusted and focused advisory to help clients achieve their strategic goals. We commit ourselves to tailored service excellence designed to adapt to the clients' unique financial aspects, business model and market circumstances. We foster long-term relationships while putting clients our top priority.


Debt /Equity Financing

MGM Financial and Banking Consultants corresponds with a vast network of Financiers. Our services embrace the various structure of capital financing.

Whether raising debt of equity, we align our interests with the clients and represent them in order to achieve the most efficient transaction terms.


Whether divestment or acquisition, we stand by our clients, at each step, to ensure the efficiency of the transaction.

We represent them with potential buyers /sellers, clarifying to each party whom we are servicing, to avoid any conflict of interest. MGM exercises its services with high diligence, ensures the fairness, reasonable price and structure of each deal.

Buy Side / Sell Side Advisory


We provide the interested parties with unbiased valuation report on private firms and take into account the risks associated with their relative small sizes.

We usually follow a top-down approach in our analysis, starting with macro-economic analysis, sector analysis as well as company analysis.

Company Research and Valuation

Due Diligence


MGM Financial & Banking Consultants hires a coherent team of legal consultants, appraisers, auditors and operational experts from the sector.

MGM research team gathers information and investigates each opinion with its respective team and formulates an integrated information memorandum for the client.


MGM Financial & Banking Consultants offers non-performing loans management to different Egyptian Banks; a demand driven service launched in 2010.

The depth and breadth of our experience provides us with significant insights into the loan valuation process that can greatly assist in portfolio evaluations, pricing discussions and final settlements.

Non Performing Loans


Corporate Credit Assessment

MGM Financial & Banking Consultants provides Corporate Credit Assessment services to Egyptian and International corporations. We use a structured and systematic approach to evaluate the credit standing of companies and its risk/return profile. We engage in credit portfolio advisory including exposure assessment, monitoring client debt restructuring, prepayments, delays and defaults as well as portfolios credit VARs periodical measurements.

MGM Credit Assessment Team goes into in depth analysis of each debtor, analyse historical performance and perform future financial projections. We recommend financing structures, tenors, covenants and withdrawal condition precedents.

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